Kombucha Holiday Punch Recipe

Kombucha Holiday Punch Recipe


The San Francisco Chronicle ran this story half a month back, concentrated on how I set an occasion table. You can look at the story on the off chance that you like, in any case, I likewise needed to share something that didn't make it into the piece. I tossed various things together for that shoot, and something I was eager to share was a fast, kombucha occasion punch. I made it with cranberry kombucha, prosecco, gin, and enormous ice molds formed in vintage cake skillet. It was delightful! Be that as it may, the shading was all wrong - an exceptionally pale pink. More Easter informal breakfast, or spring garden party than occasion. So I rejected it, with the guarantee of a return to. My arrangement was to take another swing utilizing a ginger kombucha rather than the cranberry. So here it is. Spritzy and brilliant, it moves on your tongue. What's more, I'd contend, the tart nibble of the kombucha is an appreciated contrasting option to sweet, organic product juice driven punch formulas. It goes down simple, and can sneak up on you quick.  Happy occasions all - trust you appreciate this one.


  • 1 bottle prosecco
  • 2 cups ginger kombucha
  • 1 cup gin
  • sparkling water, to taste
  • Lots of ice, or ice molds


Combine the prosecco, kombucha, and gin in a punch bowl or pitcher with lots of ice, or an ice mold. Serve straight, or topped off with sparkling water, to taste.